FS Baby was created to implement on the market a Portuguese brand only of baby clothes, from newborn to 36 months. Since the birth of baby is a special time we want to cuddle your baby in the first months of life!

The brand FS Baby is a property of the company F.S. Confecções, Lda, that since 1993 is dedicated to create baby fashion.
F.S. Confecções, Lda is a company with a strong department of design and quality that invest much of his time creating new designs, along with the continuous demand for new raw materials, having as main objective to ensure the best connection between Design - Originality - Quality - Price - Delivery.

Modern and dynamic company established itself as a major exporter of baby clothing on the European market, taking special attention to the quality of the knitting used in the manufacture of each of the articles. Respecting always the European standards of safety and hygiene, the competitiveness level of price/quality and the delivery dates are always aspects taken into great consideration. Basically, we want to establish (and maintain) the business relationships of trust with each customer, respecting them as well.

In percentage terms, about 95% of production is for export. Present not only in the European market in countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, Angola, United Arab Emirates, among others.
Presenting two collections per year: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, each one with about 200 models.

FREE SHIPPING - Orders over than 19€ (Portugal Continental) and 49€ (European Union)