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Using the site

By browsing on the website the user agrees to make a responsible use that does not jeopardize the integrity of the site, thus avoiding jeopardizing access to the site and its contents.

The site should never be used in a way that could harm the brand image of F.S. Baby or its clients. The site should not be used for criminal, fraudulent in any illegal activities (including violations of copyrights, trademarks, patents and / or privacy) or any other way that could jeopardize the integrity of other purposes.

The website and its contents are protected by Portuguese and international copyright laws.

Only electronic copies or prints of the content site for purposes that may be designated as commercially informative to the consumer are allowed. Copy, modify or distribute any site content without prior authorization from F.S. Baby is expressly prohibited.

Despite efforts to avoid these situations, typographical errors or errors of omission can ever happen in prices, descriptions and / or images. The F.S. Baby reserves the right to correct these errors and to change any content, term or condition available on site whenever necessary. These conditions can not affect the legal rights of customers.

Sales Contract

The site is registered, owned and worked by F.S. Confecções, Lda (CAE - 14131). Placing an order on the site means that you agree and accept all the terms and conditions.

All information communicated by the website will be made to the e-mail address upon registration. Immediately after registration, you should receive an e-mail confirming the registration, if for some reason you don't receive the e-mail, please contact our services via email. The brand is not liable for any failure of receipt of e-mail sent to the address listed in the registry.

After placing an order at our site, you should receive a confirmation by e-mail. The user must verify that all data is correct and if any error is found the user must contact us as soon as possible.

Despite all the articles on the site are available for sale, there are extraordinary situations over which we don't have full control that may prevent us from satisfying an order that has been placed. An agreement of sale between a registered user and the brand begins only after receiving an e-mail with the shipping confirmation of the order.



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